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Cogeneration Equipment Vendor - Cogenco is Europe 's leading producer of cogeneration systems, with a reputation for quality and performance that is unequalled by any other manufacturer - Resource Systems has been involved in power generation including cogeneration since 1991. Resource Systems principal developed a number of cogeneration projects in the United States including peaking plants, stand-by and cogeneration - On the Energy field Atlas Seis speciality is the cogeneration technology (CHP-combined production of heat and power) and it has the expertise and know-how needed to execute all the steps of a CHP station project - We offer reciprocating engine technology for power and combined heat and power applications. These engines drive generators, compressors, chillers and pumps and can burn a wide variety of biogases, liquid gases and combustible industrial waste gases as well as natural gas - Cupertino Electric – With one of the industry’s finest turnkey design/build programs, as well as unparalleled commissioning capabilities and extensive value-added services, CEI provides customers with quality projects, on-time performance and defect-free installations - Cogeneration Planners, LLC (CogenPlan) has been created to take advantage of significant business opportunities in cogeneration and waste-to-energy systems, serving industrial, commercial, agricultural, and dairy clients - PureEnergy uses selected modular CHPC (Combined Heat Power and Cooling) systems, to design distributed generation systems, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and building or process control upgrades