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Machine Listing - Surplus Heat Recovery Boiler (HRSG)

IEN 126803
Manufacturer Rentech
Equipment Class CHP Boiler System
Fuel NG Duct Burner
Type Titan 130 HRSG
Year (age) 2016
Output 183,600 LB/Hr Steam

  183,600 Lbs/Hr Rentech HRSG Steam Boiler System, New/Unused Surplus Equipment, with 225 PSIG Design Pressure, Year 2016. Comes with Supplemental Duct Burner, Rated for 119.6 MMBtu/hr, Fuel Natural Gas. Total Airflow Volume Capacity is rated for 367,455 Lbs/Hr. This system was designed for operation with a Solar Titan 130 Gas Turbine. Under normal operating condition with a Titan 130 this HRSG will output 60,000 Lbs/Hr. Steam without use of the Supplemental Duct Burner. Complete System Includes: Inlet Duct, Duct Burner, Burner controls and fuel skid, Evaporator, Outlet Duct, Economizer, Stack, Ladders/Platforms, Standard Boiler Instrumentation and Valves, Feedwater Trim, Deaerator / Feedwater Pumps, all available engineering and documentation. Built in 2016.