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Machine Listing - Gas Turbines (10+ MW; 60 Hz)

IEN 126055
Model Mars 100 SoloNox
Size 10 MW / 44k PPH Steam
Frequency 60 Hertz
Equipment Class Gas Turbine Cogeneration
Manufacturer Solar / Deltak
Fuel Natural Gas
Type Power / Steam Cogeneration

  10.5 MW Solar Turbine Mars 100, Model 15000S with 46,500 Lb/Hr. Deltak Boiler Rated For 200 PSI MAWP. The cogeneration plant is designed to put 10 MW / 12.47kV / 60 Hz power onto the grid and generate process steam for a nearby industrial application. It has been very well maintained and the equipment on balance is in very good condition. The plant is complete except for the inlet air filter which was sold separately. The turbine is due for a regularly scheduled overhaul. Package includes a steam turbine to utilize steam to generate additional power when process steam consumption goes down. The plant equipment is described in more detail in the attached documents.