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Machine Listing - Surplus Heat Recovery Boiler (HRSG)

IEN 126659
Type Gas Supplemental Burner
Fuel Heat Recovery
Equipment Class Surplus HRSG Systems
Size 50,000 Lbs/Hr.
Year (age) 2004 / 2015
Output 450 PSI / 500F Steam
Manufacturer Rentech Boiler

  50,000 Lbs/Hr. Rentech HRSG; 450 PSI; 500F Superheated Steam, with Coen Duct Burners. The Complete HRSG System with Fuel Train, Support Steel, Catwalks, Grating for HRSG's, some Boiler trim valves / instrumentation. All available documentation. Much of the equipment was refurbished in 2015 and then never reinstalled. Including: Retubed Superheater, All new refractory in Duct Burner, Economizer and Boiler sections cleaned & tested by the manufacturer and found to be in good operational condition. Fuel train looks new or refurbished. Sized for a Taurus 60 Gas Turbine.