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Machine Listing - Diesel or Gas Generators - 60 Hz

IEN 123989
Condition 160 Starts / 75.6 Hours
Frequency 60 HZ
Manufacturer Kawasaki
Year (age) 1991
Output 2200 KW / 2750 kVA
Equipment Class Diesel Generators
Fuel Diesel

  2.2 MW Kawasaki Model M1T-03 Dual Engine Diesel Generator. Output: 2940 KW @ ISO, 1800 RPM, Manufactured 1991. Back up / Standby Duty with 160 Starts, low running period of only 75.6 hours. This equipment was used as an emergency power supply. Includes: A.C. metering and protection equipment, turbine control and protection equipment, operators panel equipped with diagnostic instrumentation and fault-indications, dual electric starting system including battery chargers, air intake filter and silencer system, exhaust silencer and flexible connection, sound-attenuated and ventilated enclosure on a structural-steel baseplate, which is bolted to a concrete foundation for easy separation and relocation of entire facility. AC Generator : Leroy Somer Model # LSA-54-M6-4P: Rated for 2.2 MW, 2750 KVA, 1800 RPM, Voltage: 4160; Amps: 381.6; 3PH, 60hz. Also included, 125 VDC battery system and 24 VDC control battery( both may need to be replaced), dual battery chargers, Argon fire suppression and supervisory system, 2- electric heaters , 2 day-fuel tanks with are part of Enclosure (100 Gallon and 300 Gallon) c/w high- and low-level switches and indicators, fuel-transfer pump, piping and controls. Size of enclosure with air intake, lube oil coolers, exhaust, taken off Roof is : 35' long X 10.5 ' Wide X 118" high.