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Machine Listing - Control Valve Assemblies

IEN 118395
Disk Dump 3.25"
Equipment Class GE Control Pack Actuators
Stroke 16"
GE Job Number 170X624
Condition Rebuilt / Tested
DWG Number 133D5835-4
Bore 9"

  GE Power Generation Control Valve Assemblies. GE / Parker 2H Special Control Pack. Rebuilt And Tested To GE Spec. Includes GE Approved Spring Can, Disk Dump Valve, Hydraulic Cylinder and Return. All Parts Tested and Reports on Each Component. Specifications: Model 2H Special – Bore: 9" – Stroke: 16" – Disc Dump: 3 1/4" – GE Job 170X623 – DWG No 133D5835-4